Matter Centre

Australia's next-gen conveyancing workflow solution


Save real time. Save real money.
$0 cost for Peter Atkinson & Co. search and settlement clients.

We're disrupting the market—for the better!

Stop paying for conveyancing software. No more license fees. No lock-in contracts.

Our preferred information partners at GlobalX have been working hard behind the scenes, collaborating with conveyancers. More than 20+ years of industry experience and the latest in cloud technology have been applied to build Australia’s next-gen conveyancing workflow solution, Matter Centre, and we're excited to offer it to Peter Atkinson & Co. clients.

We've listened to you! Input from real conveyancers has helped to make Matter Centre the most affordable, functionally-rich, easy to use conveyancing solution that immediately saves you time and money.

Join a webinar and learn how you can save valuable time and money with Matter Centre:

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Key Features

Built with conveyancers, for conveyancers, you'll find hundreds of useful and user friendly features designed to simplify your matters, save time and streamline your workflows:

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$0 software cost *
No lock-in contract
Cloud Technology
Single personalised dashboard
Matter-centric search integration
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Precise settlement calculators
Inbuilt templates and default worklflows
Permission based security and rules
Inbuilt help
Free support and updates
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Pre-populating forms and documents
Integrated precedents
Inbuilt document editor
Self-install in minutes
Easy-set customisations

* Full pricing details.
  • Dashboard Preview

    Start your day with an intuitive snapshot of all your tasks, matters and upcoming settlements
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  • Matter Details Preview

    All matter information is on one screen to maximise access to relevant information so you can work faster.
    It’s also easy to open and simultaneously work on multiple matters.
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  • Settlement Calculator Preview

    A settlement calculator works with matter data to cover all considerations and maximise your accuracy.
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  • Document Editor Preview

    An in-built editor makes it quick and easy to customise document templates and build correspondence -
    all without Microsoft Office.
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Major Benefits

Install and start using in minutes

Streamline and automate your processes

User friendly features and matter-centric workflows

Simultaneously collaborate on a single matter without conflicts

Future proof with next-gen features, ongoing product updates and integrations

Confidently delegate with permission based security

Save time with pre-populating searches, forms and documents

No lock-in contracts

Grows with you, with no limit on number of users

Reduce costs with $0 software, training and support

Your firm's costs, productivity and success can be directly influenced by your practice support partners. Peter Atkinson & Co. and our information and technology partner GlobalX, are industry specialists with decades of experience to deliver everything you need for the long-term success of your conveyancing firm.

More Info

Enter the name for this tabbed section: Pricing
Stop paying conveyancing software license fees. Don’t burden your business with lock-in contracts. Switch to Matter Centre to receive $0 software and immediate savings.
How is $0 software possible?
  • The $0 software costs are offset by $20 per user, per month on GlobalX Search
  • Any shortfall in search services per user, per month will be invoiced monthly
  • No lock-in contracts exist; your monthly subscription may be cancelled at any time by email or phone.
We’ve purposely made Matter Centre as affordable and functional as we possibly can for the conveyancing community. For a demonstration, email
*Terms and Conditions: $0 software deal valid if minimum $20 per user, per month is spent on GlobalX search via Peter Atkinson & Co's portal. If minimum spend is not reached, $20 will be invoiced to cover shortfall per user, per month. No lock-in contracts: pay by the month or cancel your subscription at any time. Additional users may be requested via Matter Centre’s support team. All costs in AUD exclude GST. GlobalX and Peter Atkinson & Co. maintains the right to refuse pre-order deal on case-by-case basis and accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by $0 software deal or use of Matter Centre.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Support
Matter Centre is so easy to use that it is unlikely you’ll require detailed support.
However, users maintain access to a range of free support resources – including documentation via the Help Section in Matter Centre, training via our regular webinars, and phone and email access to our local team of product experts on the Matter Centre Helpdesk.
Our helpdesk is manned between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, during which time you can phone
1300 727 686 or email for:
  • Forgotten password or login details
  • User guidance or support when can’t find how to complete a task in product documentation
  • Logging product issues, or software bugs
  • Requesting additional users
  • Ceasing your Matter Centre subscription
  • Forwarding product feedback or suggestions for development
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Installation & Updates
Cloud-based tech means Matter Centre can be self-installed by any user in less than 5 minutes.
Our ‘out of the box’ templates and predefined settings make it so easy to start new files in Matter Centre without delay.
When you receive the link to your Matter Centre solution, you’ll also receive all the information you need to help you get set up and started. This includes tips on how to configure settings, permission-based rules and upload document templates so you can automate existing business processes with your new Matter Centre system.

  1. A request to start using Matter Centre is received
  2. A unique system link is generated and emailed with installation instructions (this includes individual login details for additional users)
  3. Installation is completed by the user < 5 minutes
  4. The user may reference help files as necessary to start using and/or configuring Matter Centre
Alternatively, contact the Matter Centre Support Team on or phone 1300 727 686.

  1. Cloud tech makes updates seamless; new releases, features and enhancements are prioritised with feedback from conveyancers
  2. Updates are pushed out to all users without causing any interruption to business
  3. As a courtesy, users are notified of an upcoming release, so you can be prepared for change.
  4. Enhancements and updates are included in your $0 software fee
Enter the name for this tabbed section: FAQs
Will new hardware be required to run Matter Centre on my computer?
No, you are not required to buy server hardware or software to have Matter Centre installed on your desktop.
How long is the installation and setup process?
Our cloud-based technology enables any user to self-install Matter Centre in less than 5 minutes. Each firm receives a unique system-generated link with simple installation instructions and login details for individual users. Help files are also included in your start-up pack.
What are the costs involved with Matter Centre?
ou can get your hands on our next-gen conveyancing software for $0! The $0 software offer is valid for any firm that spends $20 per user, per month on GlobalX Search services. Any deficit will be invoiced on a monthly basis. See pricing for further details.
Are system enhancements and updates included in the $0 software fee?
Yes, we provide ongoing updates to all Matter Centre users. Cloud technology enables us to make seamless updates without any interruption to your business. Learn more.
Is there a cap on the number of user licenses I can have for Matter Centre?
No, there is no limit on the number of user licenses; Matter Centre is a scalable solution that works well for a single-user site as it does for multi-branch firms with dozens of users. If your firm expands, you can set up new users in minutes, and you can also deactivate users as required.
Am I able to access Matter Centre via any computer?
Yes, you can sign in to Matter Centre from any Windows computer or a Mac running a Windows Virtual Machine, as long as you know the unique URL.
Are there any lock-in contracts?
No, GlobalX has purposely removed any lock-in contracts. Simple monthly terms can be updated or cancelled at any time.
Is training provided?
Matter Centre has been designed to be easy to use with little or no training. With your start-up pack, you’ll receive all the information you need to help you get set up and started. Help files are available in the system, or you can contact the Matter Centre Support Team are available via email or by phone on 1300 727 686 during office hours, Monday to Friday.
If I am currently using another software system, am I able to migrate my data over to Matter Centre?
Yes, if you can extract files into CSV format, our team can help you import client and matter data from your current system over to Matter Centre.
Is customisation available?
Matter Centre is highly customisable; from naming conventions for your matters, through to the order of tasks completed in your common workflow. Matter Centre offers you easy 'set-and-forget' rules so that tasks are automated and prompts and alerts make matter management almost fool-proof. It’s easy to customise these settings yourself at any time.
As a manager, am I able to set security permissions?
Matter Centre makes it easy to control the level of access any user has to system functionality and data. Authorised users can assign permissions to different matters, share matters and assign tasks to other users, at any time.
Does Matter Centre have forms and precedents available?
Yes, Matter Centre has its own set of forms and precedents available for users, including out of the box templates. Users can also choose to upload and customise their own precedents and documents for use alongside those national templates found in Matter Centre.