Public Holiday Notice - Friday 14 August 2020

Whilst the Coronavirus put paid to the Ekka this year , the local show holiday has been moved from its traditional Wednesday to a new date this year of Friday 14 August 2020 for the City of Brisbane local area.

Our office will be closed Friday 14 August 2020 whilst we enjoy another day being socially distant or probably seeing what's leftover after the latest round of panic buying…

2020-2021 Titles Office Registration Fees

The Titles Office have advised that registration fees will increase from 1 August 2020.

You can download a list of the new fees here.

In summary, fees for popular documents have increased as follows:

Priority Notice - $37.00 (was $36.00)
Base Rate - $195.00 (was $192.00)
Requisition Fee - $37.00 (was $36.00)
Form 4 Record of Death - $37.00
For 14 Change/Correction of Name - Individual $37.00, Corporation/other $195.00

The online calculator will update to the new fees on 1 August 2020.

COVID-19 Service Impact Information

COVID-19 Resources Click here to read our latest notices on issues that are impacting on manual services at our dedicated page.

2019-2020 Titles Office Registration Fees

It's that time of year again - Titles Office registration fees will increase from 1 July 2019.

In summary, fees for popular documents have increased as follows:

Priority Notice - $36.00 (was $35.00)
Base Rate - $192.00 (was $185.00)
Requisition Fee - $36.00 (was $35.00)

The online calculator will update to the new fees on 1 July.

Abolition of paper Title Deeds for land in Queensland

The way in which the Titles Registry deals with paper certificates of title (paper CTs) is changing.

On 26th March 2019, a Bill was passed in Parliament amending the Land Title Act 1994. The amendments mean that, as of 1st October 2019, paper CTs will no longer have any legal effect. As is currently the case, the electronic title held in the Titles Registry will continue to be the point of truth for ownership and other interests in land in Queensland. Only about 11% of titles in Queensland still have a paper CT in existence.

This change means that as of 1st October 2019, a paper CT will become an item of historic or sentimental value only and will no longer need to be deposited with the Titles Registry when a transaction is lodged over the title. As of that date, there will be no requirement for disposing of any existing paper CT, they will not need to be destroyed or brought in to the Titles Registry, nor will they need to be dispensed with for a transaction to proceed.

However - please note - that until 1st October 2019, the current legislative provisions governing paper CTs remain in force. This means that transactions where there is a paper CT will still need that paper CT to be deposited or a process to dispense with the paper CT undertaken. The only exceptions to this will be those exceptions currently provided for by the Land Title Act.

In late April (until 1st October), the Titles Registry will be introducing a changed process for dealing with Form 19 applications for a paper CT. After lodgement, these applications will be dealt with centrally instead of the current process for dealing with them at regional DNRME offices. This means that no matter where you lodge a request for a new paper CT, it will be delivered by registered post. The only exception will be where the registered owner has requested it be held for collection from a designated lodger delivery box in the Brisbane (Albert Street) office of the Titles Registry.

From 1st October 2019, there will no longer be the option to lodge a Form 19 - Application for certificate of title.

Similarly, a Form 17 – Request to Dispense (with production of a CT) will become redundant as of 1st October 2019.

2018-2019 Titles Office Registration Fees

It's that time of year again - Titles Office registration fees will increase from 1 July 2018.

You can download a list of the new fees here.

In summary, fees for popular documents have increased as follows:

Priority Notice - $35.00 (was $34.00)
Base Rate - $185.00 (was $1815.00)
Requisition Fee - $35.00 (was $34.00)

The online calculator will update to the new fees on 1 July.

Introduction of Trust Details Form and changes to Transmission Applications

Introduction of Trust Details Form

From May 2018, Transfers which record a transferee as trustee will be able to be transacted through eConveyancing. To enable this to occur a new practice with regards to trustee documentation is being implemented – a certified copy of the trust deed will not be required and instead only details of the trust will be required. Read More...

Changes to requirements for deposit of trust documents with Mortgages and Leases

Please note that there has been a practice change in relation to the requirements when a mortgage or lease is lodged with the Titles Office which will record a mortgagee or lessee as a trustee on title.

There is no longer a requirement to provide details of the trust instrument when lodging a mortgage to a trustee mortgagee or when lodging a lease to a trustee lessee (e.g. by depositing a copy of the trust deed or referring to a previous dealing where the trust deed was deposited).

Amendments have been made to sections [2-0100] and [7-2050] of the Land Title Practice Manual.

Titles Office - Change of Dept. Name and Cheque Payee

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines has now become the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.
They have advised that cheques in payment of lodging fees should now be made out to the above, or DNRME as an acceptable abbreviation.

Form 23 Settlement Notice End of Life

Further to Titles Registry Alert 138, please note that from 1 January 2018. Settlement Notices can no longer be deposited in the Titles Registry.

The current Queensland Settlement Notice mechanism will be replaced by a Priority Notice mechanism as part of a move toward national consistency in a range of titling processes to support national electronic conveyancing in Australia. 

While the fundamental purpose of the new Priority Notice will be the same as the current Settlement Notice, there are a number of minor changes, including application to a wider range of instruments and the ability to extend the effect of the notice for 30 days. The new mechanism will allow a person who is, or will be, a party to an instrument intended to be lodged to deposit a Priority Notice.  A Priority Notice will identify each instrument to which the notice relates and with a few exceptions, the deposit of a Priority Notice will prevent registration of other instruments affecting the lot or an interest in the lot until the notice lapses after 60 days or is withdrawn, removed or cancelled.  A Priority Notice will be able to be lodged through eConveyancing or through eLodgement or in paper.
This change takes effect from 1 January 2018 in line with the commencement by Proclamation of relevant provisions of the
Land and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2017.  
It is important to note that there will be no transition period.  
This means Settlement Notices can only be deposited until the Titles Registry’s close of business in December 2017. Settlement Notices can NOT be accepted by the Titles Registry from 1 January 2018 even if the Form 23 was executed prior to 1 January 2018.

A Form 23 - Settlement Notice deposited prior to 31 December 2017 will continue to have effect until it lapses or is withdrawn, removed or cancelled.
From the commencement of business in January 2018 only Priority Notices (and not Settlement Notices) will be accepted. Priority Notice Forms can be accepted from this date even if they were signed prior to 1 January 2018.

When a Notice is intended to be deposited after 1 January 2018 but is being prepared in the weeks prior to that date, it is the Priority Notice form (and not the Settlement Notice form) that must be used.

The fee to deposit a Priority Notice is the same as the deposit fee for a Settlement Notice (currently $34). The Titles Registry fee calculator will be updated in 2018 to include the new Priority Notice. 

The Priority Notice Form is now available online at
Part 23A regarding Priority Notices and their withdrawal and extension has been inserted into the Land Title Practice Manual