2020-2021 Titles Office Registration Fees

The Titles Office have advised that registration fees will increase from 1 August 2020.

You can download a list of the new fees here.

In summary, fees for popular documents have increased as follows:

Priority Notice - $37.00 (was $36.00)
Base Rate - $195.00 (was $192.00)
Requisition Fee - $37.00 (was $36.00)
Form 4 Record of Death - $37.00
For 14 Change/Correction of Name - Individual $37.00, Corporation/other $195.00

The online calculator will update to the new fees on 1 August 2020.

Introduction of Trust Details Form and changes to Transmission Applications

Introduction of Trust Details Form

From May 2018, Transfers which record a transferee as trustee will be able to be transacted through eConveyancing. To enable this to occur a new practice with regards to trustee documentation is being implemented – a certified copy of the trust deed will not be required and instead only details of the trust will be required. Read More...

Changes to requirements for deposit of trust documents with Mortgages and Leases

Please note that there has been a practice change in relation to the requirements when a mortgage or lease is lodged with the Titles Office which will record a mortgagee or lessee as a trustee on title.

There is no longer a requirement to provide details of the trust instrument when lodging a mortgage to a trustee mortgagee or when lodging a lease to a trustee lessee (e.g. by depositing a copy of the trust deed or referring to a previous dealing where the trust deed was deposited).

Amendments have been made to sections [2-0100] and [7-2050] of the Land Title Practice Manual.

Titles Office - Change of Dept. Name and Cheque Payee

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines has now become the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.
They have advised that cheques in payment of lodging fees should now be made out to the above, or DNRME as an acceptable abbreviation.

New Titles Office procedures for dealing with original Wills

Changes to Titles Registry Practice for Examination of Original Wills

The Supreme Court Probate Registry no longer accepts exhibit certificates endorsed on original Wills due to impracticalities in that process. To help ensure alignment between Titles Registry and Probate Registry requirements, the following practice will be adopted in the Titles Registry from 1 September 2014:

  • where a Will is required to be an exhibit to a statutory declaration, a clear and true copy of the last Will of the deceased is to be the exhibit;  

  • the accompanying statutory declaration must state the exhibit is a copy of the Will. Note: wording for this statement is incorporated in the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 forms, which are used as a guide for the statutory declaration;
  • more than one declarant may exhibit the same copy of the Will provided it is endorsed with an exhibit certificate in respect of each statutory declaration;

  • declarants may exhibit separate copies of the Will to their respective statutory declarations;

  • original Wills will no longer be returned to the lodger for attending to requisitions, however, a lodger or their agent may inspect the original Will at the Titles Registry office where the will is held (the office location will be identified in the requisition notice). 
For further information contact the Titles Registry on 1300 255 750 or email titlesinfo@dnrm.qld.gov.au

Titles Office Fee Increases

The Titles Office (DERM) have announced their fee increases, effective 1 August 2009.

Download and print your own handy Ready-Reckoner for current (1/8/09>) lodging fee calculations here. An indispensable tool if you calculate lodging fees all the time!.

Also see our Help Desk page for further information about Titles Office matters.

Titles Office Relocation

Effective Tuesday 9 June 2009.

The Brisbane CBD Service Centre has moved to:

Level 11,
53 Albert Street,
Brisbane Qld 4000

Customer Service Contacts:

Phone: 07 3405 6900
Fax: 07 3228 1739
Email: brisbane.titling.operations@derm.qld.gov.au

There is limited public space in their new premises, and they are actively discouraging settlements being effected in their office.

We invite you to use our settlement rooms for any settlements that you would previously have arranged to occur at the Titles Office.

2008-2009 Titles Office Lodging Fees

Titles Office lodging fees increased on 1st July 2008.

Visit our help desk entry for more information, a printable ready-reckoner and a link to the on-line calculator.