Important News for 2013

New bank account numbers for account payment and trust deposits…new reduced lodging fees…new conveyancing search packages…new online invoice viewing and payments…new instruction templates for your use…

Happy New Year to all of our clients! We really appreciate your continued business and hope we can serve you even better into 2013 and beyond.

2013 sees some accounting changes and exciting new developments at Atkinsons to better serve our clients for the services you want and use most.

New Bank Account Details

Our bank accounts are moving from George St branch to NAB's Business Banking Capital Office Branch, which has necessitated a change in BSB and Account Numbers for invoice payments and trust account deposits. Whilst we have previously been averse to changing account details, the customer service we will receive from a Capital Office Branch domicile will outweigh any short-term inconvenience.

From 1 January 2013, our new account details are as follows:

General Account - for invoice payments:
Peter Atkinson & Company General A/c
NAB Capital Office Branch 308-322 Queen St Brisbane
BSB: 084-004 150206135

Trust Account - for settlement or other funds to be held in trust:
Peter Atkinson & Company Trust A/c
NAB Capital Office Branch 308-322 Queen St Brisbane
BSB: 084-004 150071912

Our accounting package automatically feeds payments into our accounts based on invoice date, so for invoices dated 31 December 2012 and prior, please credit funds to the old account as noted on the invoices.

To expedite closure of the old account and minimise any future confusion, please bring your 2012 invoices into order at your earliest opportunity.

For invoices dated from 1 January 2013, please use the new bank account numbers as detailed above.

For all Trust Account deposits from 1 January 2013, please use the new trust account number as detailed above.

New Reduced Titles Office Lodging Fees

We want to make Titles Office lodging easier for our clients, and have done away with the old 'price per document', and replaced it with a new 'price per matter' structure.

We are really pleased to be able to offer settlement notice lodging for only $11.00 (inc. GST), and other normal document sets at $22.00 per matter (up to 5 docs).

Survey Plans incur an additional $22.00 due to additional lodger paperwork required and the number of registration confirmation statements that are generally returned.

Overall, this represents a great saving on prior pricing structures, and is far cheaper than posting your docs direct to the Title Office, with our full-service follow up included in our fees.

Download our new fee schedule here.

New Conveyancing Search Packages

We're are also very excited to offer an all-new package pricing for your conveyancing search needs.

We don't need to tell you how time-consuming it is to fill out multiple forms and deal with multiple invoices for your conveyancing matters...

Order all your conveying searches via the one form on our website, and we'll take care of the rest.

One invoice. Monthly account. Results to your inbox as soon as they are available. We do the chasing. No GST on outlays.

Compare this to other search providers, and we're sure you'll see the benefits.

Order now via our dedicated order form.

Online Invoice Viewing and Payments

You can now see all your outstanding invoices online, simply by clicking on the link on any invoice we email you. A value added service, free of charge, that helps you keep on top of things in your own time.

New Templates for Settlement and Manual Service Instructions

On our home page, you'll find a link to download settlement instruction and manual services instruction templates that you can use to help make your job a little easier.

We hope you like our service enhancements, and look forward to receiving your instructions.

Like DJ's or Myer, if you find a cheaper price, please let us know and we'll try and match or better the price.

We want to be your first call for all your legal agency needs, and will do all we can to make your job as easy as possible.

Stay tuned for further service enhancements and important news by signing up for our newsletter now!