On-line Searching

New Online Searching and Settlement Booking Interface

Our information and search partner GlobalX is investing significantly in its online property, business, and consumer information systems and is releasing a new way to search, receive and store content, as part of our commitment to making your search experience as simple, effective and intuitive as possible.

The new navigation system will be rolling out to our clients on Monday 9th of September.

During this process, GlobalX are replacing the familiar tree menu navigation with a contemporary menu structure that makes finding the content you need much easier.

After the changeover, your will simply log in as usual with your existing Username and Password, and will see the new menu system. Your favourites and documents from the old system will be retained.

We have prepared two brief video tutorials which provide an overview of the new system. These tutorials should help you and your staff with the transition, but as always, the helpdesk team is on hand to discuss any questions you may have.

We're confident that will find the new navigation system intuitive to use.

Updated Terms and Conditions

We are also taking the opportunity to remind all users of the site Terms and Conditions, and you will be prompted to acknowledge these when you first log in to the new system.

Next Steps

We hope you enjoy the new navigation and ease of use. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions. We remain committed to providing you and your staff with the best-in-class online property, business, and consumer information.

Look out for further enhancements over the coming months to make your search and settlement experience better than any others.

Are you ready for the PPSR?

About the PPSR

The Personal Property and Securities Register (PPSR), is a single, national online register that will allow lenders and businesses to protect their security interests in personal property by registration.

Secured parties, buyers, and other interested parties involved in personal property security transactions will also be able to use the PPSR to search for security interests in personal property.

The PPSR will provide businesses and individuals with access to a single source of information about security interests in personal property and will mean significant reductions in the cost of searching and registering security interests.

About personal property

Personal property is anything that is capable of being owned (other than land or fixtures). Personal property may be tangible, such as cars, boats, machinery and livestock, or intangible, such as intellectual property and contract rights.

About security interests

A security interest is a legal interest in personal property that is created by any transaction that secures the payment or performance of an obligation. An example of a security interest is a fixed and floating charge over a company or a retention of title agreement.

About secured parties

A secured party can be an individual, a company, or another entity that has interest in a grantor’s collateral.

About collateral

Collateral is the personal property to which a security interest attaches.

When will the PPSR will be available?

The PPSR will be available from 10 October 2011.

About existing registers

The PPSR will replace most existing Commonwealth, State and Territory personal property security registers. Security interests recorded on existing registers will be moved to the PPSR to avoid the need to re-register interests in new system.

Does it cost money to search or register on the PPSR?

Yes, there will be a fee to search or register a security interest on the PPSR. The Government has advised that it will make information about the fees and pricing available nearer to the start date.

How do I register or perform a search on the PPSR?

Peter Atkinson & Company is ready to make the transition to the new PPSR easy for its customers by integrating PPSR registrations and searches into our existing online searching portal.

Where can I get more information?

Visit our online searching providers site for more information.