Titles Registry Removal of Parish and County

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines will be removing references to Parishes and Counties in land transactions, as this information is redundant for the unique identification of land. This will affect forms submitted to the department, and some products and datasets obtained from the department e.g. title searches.

While the formal date for this removal is 30 November 2015, it may take some time for the changes to be applied to all products and services. In the interim, these products will either show the value ‘no longer used’ for Parish and County or reference to Parish and County will be removed.

All Titles Registry forms that currently make reference to the Parish and County will be updated to remove this information. An additional Titles Registry Alert in relation to the amendments to the forms will be distributed in the near future.

The continued use of the current forms will be permitted until further notice; but as of 1 December 2015 the Parish and County fields can be left blank.

The department’s web site contains more detailed information about how the change will affect each product or service: