Settlements Bookings Log-in fix for Internet Explorer (InfoBase system only)

We're aware that some users are experiencing problems bookings settlements on-line. If you use Internet Explorer (IE) 7 or 8, please read on.

Our settlements database resides on a different server to our website, and IE does not remember log-in credentials for such scenarios, hence, IE will let you log-in, but will log you out when you navigate to the next page.

Please follow these simple instructions to resolve the issue.

Users of more modern and compliant browsers such as Firefox or Safari will not encounter this anomaly.

For a better internet experience all-round, we recommend you try Firefox of Safari for Windows or Mac.

Titles Office Fee Increases

The Titles Office (DERM) have announced their fee increases, effective 1 August 2009.

Download and print your own handy Ready-Reckoner for current (1/8/09>) lodging fee calculations here. An indispensable tool if you calculate lodging fees all the time!.

Also see our Help Desk page for further information about Titles Office matters.

Refreshed Website Design

No doubt you've noticed that we’ve published a refreshing new look for our website.

We've gone all Web 2.0. We hope you find the site more interactive, helpful and easy to use.

Let us know what you think of the new design, and if there's anything you think should be added to the site, leave us a comment.

Titles Office Relocation

Effective Tuesday 9 June 2009.

The Brisbane CBD Service Centre has moved to:

Level 11,
53 Albert Street,
Brisbane Qld 4000

Customer Service Contacts:

Phone: 07 3405 6900
Fax: 07 3228 1739

There is limited public space in their new premises, and they are actively discouraging settlements being effected in their office.

We invite you to use our settlement rooms for any settlements that you would previously have arranged to occur at the Titles Office.