ALERT: Further Titles Office Fee Increases 1/11/12

Following this year's CPI increase in registration fees, the Titles Office has announced a further unprecedented increase in registration fees, effective 1 November 2012, citing the revenue would "…fund a rolling programme of system enhancements and replacements to ensure the ongoing reliability and integrity of land and cadastral information systems…" quoted in Titles Registry Alert Issue 107.

The new base registration fee will be $152.10, up from $137.10. This represents a $15.00 increase on all fees that were previously at $137.10 or above, including Survey Plans, and all general instruments.

Fess that are presently below the current $137.10 base will remain unchanged - such as settlement notices and additional lot fees.

Following the recent abolition of customer service counters and reduction of back office staff impacting service delivery times at the titles office, we hope this increase in revenue is put to use in delivering useful and timely titling services to the public.

If you have a copy of the Ready Reckoner from 1/8/12, remember to add $15.00 to the base fee of $132.10...

Download a new ready reckoner here, current through 2013 (till the next increase).