Titles Office Fees Restructure

Lodgement Fees Revised Structure 1 December 2015

Department of Natural Resources and Mines is increasing fees effective for all lodgements from 1st December 2015

The revised lodgement fee structure is based on a four-tier price point schema ranging from low to high ($25, $32, $82 and $169) with fees set either at one of these price points or by a formula combining particular price points. As an example, the standard lodgement fee which applies to most dealings is currently set at $168.60 and will change to $169 from 1 December.

Please note: other than for investigative searches of the title registers, the fees for information searches, for example (current and historical) titles searches, copies of documents, and other title- related information products remain unchanged

Key changes to the lodgement fees are summarised as follows:

Fees reducing to $32
- Requisitions – fee formerly $40.55
- Record the death of a joint tenant – fee formerly $168.60 (no additional fee for extra lots) - Record change or correction of name of individual – fee formerly $168.60
- Examine sketch plan as part of an instrument – fee formerly $40.55

Fees being deleted
- Lodgement of instrument by postal service – fee formerly $31.80
- Certificate of Title delivered by registered mail – fee formerly $6.90
- Cancellation of Writ (not discharge/satisfaction) – fee formerly $31.80

Fees increasing
- Administrative Advice (excludes Settlement Notice) – fee changing from $15.30 to $25
- Re-lodgement of rejected dealing – former half-fee discount being removed
- Discharge/Satisfaction of Writ – fee changing from $31.80 to $169 for consistency with similar dealings with Caveats and Leases

The DNRM online fee calculator will continue to reflect the current fees up until 30 November 2015 and will be updated on 1 December 2015 to reflect commencement of the new fee settings.
In the meantime the DNRM the fees are listed from the regulations in the Formal Fee Schedule. Further information and links to relevant Regulations will be available on the DNRM website in due course