New Form 24 Property Information

Titles Office Forms Update - Form 24—Property Information (Transfer) (Version 7) will be implemented for use from 21 March 2016 (announced 24 March 2016).

Form 24A has also been updated to Version 3.

Item 1(d) of the form has been changed to include provision of the Buyer’s email address for contact after settlement for valuation notices and related documents.

To download the new Form 24’s (Click here).

The continued use of Form 24— Property Information (Transfer) (Version 6) and Form 24A (Transmission Application) (Version 2) will be permitted until 22 April 2016.

The new versions of the forms MUST be lodged after 22 April 2016.

Old versions will prevent lodging, so be sure to update your templates now to avoid possible settlement and lodging failures.