• Body Corporate Information
    If your prospective property is a unit, apartment or town-house, please talk to us first about obtaining a full written report on the Body Corporate records.

    We'll go through the records with a fine-tooth comb so you're aware of any current financial issues, possible unexpected or inherited expenditure, disputes, disharmony or problem neighbours, and allow you to make informed decisions before it's too late.

    We also provide Returning Officer duties for secret ballots.

    Learn more...
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  • Calculators
    We're often asked about duties and fees in Queensland, so to make your job a little easier, here are links to help you calculate the most common types of outlays.

    Titles Office Lodgement Fee Calculators External link to DNRM on-line calculator

    Office of State Revenue Duty Calculators

    Links may open a new browser window.

    If you need any more help, please contact us - we're happy to assist.

    Please report any broken links.

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  • DIY Conveyancing
    DIY Conveyancing
    We stock Australian Property Law Kits.

    DIY Conveyancing Kits enable you to safely and legally do your own legal work for conveyancing and refinancing.

    Why pay many hundreds of dollars to a solicitor/conveyancer when you can do this work yourself in a few hours?

    Available Kits:
    • Vendor's Kit
    • Purchaser's Kit
    • Dual Vendor/Purchaser Kit

    Kit Contents:
    Each of the do-it-yourself property law kits includes the following:

    • A printed book about the process, with:
    • Background information
    • Simple step by step instructions
    • Additional hints and tips
    • Printed forms that you need to carry out the process
    • Six months of free telephone support

    Kit Prices:
    $100.00 for Single Kits
    $130.00 for Dual Kits

    Visit the DIY Conveyancing Page for more information or to order.

    Complementing the DIY Kits, our searching services can provide the rest of the information you need to complete your conveyance.

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  • Forms
    We're often asked about various Queensland forms, so to make your job a little easier, here are links to the most requested types of forms.

    Queensland Titles Office Forms

    Queensland Office of State Revenue Forms

    ASIC Forms

    Queensland Office of Fair Trading Forms

    BCCM Forms

    Links will open a new browser window.

    If you need any more help, please contact us - we're happy to assist.

    Please report any broken links.

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  • Law Stationery
    Law Stationery
    A lot of legal forms are available on-line these days, and you'll find free links to these on this Help Desk page.

    We're happy to help make your job as easy as possible.

    If it's not available on-line though, we can obtain it for you.

    If you need a contract for a house or land transaction, a copy of an Act or a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate, just ask us.

    With daily service to all authorities, we'll get your order back to you as fast as possible via email, or a hard-copy in the post if applicable.

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  • Litigation Support
    Litigation Support
    If you need to lodge applications or affidavits, we offer a daily service to all courts and tribunals in Brisbane.

    We can also accommodate your urgent filing needs for those time-crucial matters and pick-up your documents from transit depots if required.

    We perform on-line and manual searches of all jurisdictions, and can serve documents when required.

    If you need a brief picked up and delivered to a Barrister, we can take care of that aswell.

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  • Document Lodging
    If you need a document lodged, look no further.

    We attend all departments daily - Titles Office, ASIC, Fair Trading and more.

    We'll check the documents for correctness to minimise errors, lodge them and report back to you the same day we receive them.

    We'll follow up with your confirmation of registration, included in our initial lodgement fee.

    Where available, we can also lodge electronically for super-fast service.

    Send us your documents today for safe and secure service.

    Here's an instruction sheet for your use and convenience.
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  • Manual Searching
    Manual Searching
    Not everything is available on-line.

    You need plenty of information that’s only available via manual methods.

    This means multiple authorities to search, multiple forms to fill out, multiple invoices to pay and multiple accounting and administration headaches.

    How does one form and one invoice for all your searches sound?

    Let us do all the work, and deliver the results to your in-box.

    With 30 years experience, you can trust us to deliver outstanding results.

    Order now

    If you don't have an account with us, don't worry! You can still order your searches - we'll tally your order and contact you to arrange payment before completing your order.

    All Queensland departments and local authorities are catered for, and we can also provide a comprehensive range of searches Australia wide.

    If we need any more information to complete your order, we'll be in touch.

    Results will be returned to your in-box just as soon as we receive them.

    Casual or one-off orders are welcome.

    Perfect for Do-it-Yourselfer's and Professionals alike.

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  • Office of State Revenue
  • On-line Searching
    On-line Searching
    Access the most comprehensive range of information available today from within the one portal.

    National property, personal, company and business information is ready and waiting, all at extremely competitive pricing.

    With the most helpful help-desk available to assist you from 6.00am to 12.00pm, we have all your on-line information needs covered.


    Visit the On-line Searching Page for in-depth information

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  • Our Bank Account and PayID Details
    For payment of accounts (General Account):

    National Australia Bank
    Capital Office Branch 308-322 Queen St Brisbane
    Peter Atkinson & Company General A/c
    BSB: 084-004
    A/c: 150206135

    If your payment amount is equal to your statement balance in full, simply quote your firm name. If you are only paying a particular invoice, please quote that invoice number. Unidentified deposits will be allocated against the oldest outstanding amount on your account. You may also email, phone or fax us with your payment details and allocation instructions.

    For settlement funds (Trust Account):

    National Australia Bank
    330 Collins Street Melbourne Trust Accounts Branch
    Peter Atkinson & Company Trust A/c
    BSB: 083-088
    A/c: 740522154

    Click here to download an easy reference card for settlement trust account details.

    Fast Payments with PayID:

    For instant payment to our accounts via PayID:

    Invoice Payments PayID: accounts@peteratkinson.com.au

    Settlement Funds Trust Account PayID: settlements@peteratkinson.com.au

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  • Our Fees
    Download our current fee schedule.

    Fees quoted in the schedule are for regular, full-service approved account holders only.

    One-off or casual orders not included at these wholesale rates. Please contact us for a quote.

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  • Overseas Execution of Queensland Land Titles Documents
    Titles Registry Alert 125 and part 60, paragraph 60-0390 of Land Title Practice Manual set out Registry requirements and practice relating to witnessing paper instruments and documents outside Australia. Please be advised that these updated practices are mandatory for documents executed on or after 1 August 2016.

    Further information and resources regarding signing and witnessing requirements are available online at:


    This web page provides an overview of Titles Registry requirements in relation to execution and witnessing both inside Australia and overseas.

    The section on overseas witnessing also includes links to the certifications for use where an instrument or document is witnessed overseas. 

    Customers are reminded that there are two certifications:

    1. The Australian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate Identity/Witnessing Certification which is to be used where the witness is an Australian Consular Officer or authorised employee at an Australian Consular Office.  This certification should be completed on a blank page and
    should not be on a Form 20 – Schedule in accordance with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s requirements; and

    2. The Identity/Witnessing Certification form for use by other authorised witnesses (e.g. notary publics, Australian lawyers) witnessing instruments or documents outside Australia.  This certification
    should be completed on a Form 20 – Schedule.

    Word and PDF versions of the Form 20 Identity/Witnessing Certification are available on the web page. Both formats are available for completion on the screen (electronic version) and for completion by hand.  A link to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s website which hosts the Australian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate Identity/Witnessing Certification is also available on this page.
    Information provided on the web page is an overview only and all relevant parts of the Land Title Practice Manual should be referred to prior to completion of either of the identity/witnessing certification forms.

    For further information contact the Titles Registry on 1300 255 750 or email
    titlesinfo@dnrm.qld.gov.au. Return to top
  • Payment of Account Options
    Account Payment
    You can pay your account by cheque, credit card or bank deposit.

    Whatever method you prefer, please let us know how you would like the payment allocated. If paying your statement balance in full, please quote your firm name as the deposit reference. If you are only paying a particular invoice, please quote that invoice number. Unidentified deposits will be allocated against the oldest outstanding amount on your account. You can also send us a remittance advice with your allocation instructions.

    1. Cheque

    Post your cheque in favour of Peter Atkinson and Company to GPO Box 506 Brisbane 4001

    2. Credit Card

    We accept Visa & MasterCard. Please have your card handy and contact us with your card details and the amount you wish to pay. You may also pay directly with your credit card via the link with your online invoice.

    3. Direct Deposit

    You can credit our bank account and forward us a remittance advice. Our bank account details for payment of accounts are:

    National Australia Bank
    Capital Office 308-322 Queen St Brisbane

    Peter Atkinson & Company General A/c

    BSB: 084-004
    A/c: 150206135

    PayID: accounts@peteratkinson.com.au

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  • Privacy Policy
    Privacy Policy
    We know that your privacy is important to you, so that means your privacy is important to us as well.

    You can read the full details of our privacy policy below.

    As a quick summary:

                We only ask for personal information that we require.
                We'll tell you what information we have recorded about you.
                If you would like any personal information changed or deleted, just ask.

    Who we are:

    This Web site is operated by Peter Atkinson & Company. Our postal address is GPO Box 506, Brisbane 4001. You can reach us via e-mail at admin@peteratkinson.com.au or by telephone at +61 7 3229 2788.

    What we know about you:

    When you visit our Web site, our Web server automatically records some general information about your visit, but does not recognise or record any individual information about you. The information we record and use for statistical purposes is:

                Your server address
                The date and time
                The pages accessed and documents downloaded
                The type of browser used

    We can only identify you personally if you give us this information voluntarily.

    We use cookies on our Web site on log-in pages only.

    Your e-mail address:

    We do not know your e-mail address unless you give it to us. We only record your e-mail address if you send us a message, either directly or by signing up to our newsletters or on-line orders. We will use it only internally within the organisation, and will not sell it to other organisations.

    If you have given us your e-mail address, but do not want to receive e- mail from us in the future, please let us know by sending us e-mail at the above address.

    How we use this information:

    We may use this information to improve the content of our Web site and analyse what pages people visit, and to keep in touch with you.

    If you supply us with your e-mail address or postal address, we might send you information on new products and services or upcoming events. If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please let us know by sending us e-mail at the above address or writing to us at the above address.

    Who has access to your information?

    We use this information internally and share it with other people or organisations who need to know it as part of working with us in our normal business activities (e.g. Government Departments that we conduct searches at).

    We do not share your personal information with others except under these conditions, or when ordered by a properly enforceable warrant and we do not disclose or sell your personal information to others for use in mailing lists or databases.

    Future Variations

    If our information practices change at some time in the future we will post the policy changes to our Web site to notify you of these changes and provide you with the ability to opt out of these new uses. If you are concerned about how your information is used, you should check back at our Web site periodically.


    Upon request, we'll tell you what information we have recorded about you. For your own protection, we generally ask you to make this request in writing, so that we can verify your identity.

    If any of the information is incorrect, or you want us to remove all information about you, please contact us and we'll amend it promptly.

    If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, please contact us at the above addresses or phone number.

    More Information

    If you would like to know more about on-line privacy, visit The Australian Privacy Commissioner's Web site.

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  • Settlements
    With 40 years experience, you can rest assured we'll protect your client's interests at all costs, and represent you in the most professional manner.

    Our knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed.

    Our free on-line portal allows you to book settlements, change times and track progress and document receipt.

    With a trust account for your convenience, and professional indemnity insurance for your peace-of-mind, your settlement needs are in expert hands.


    Register/Forgot Password

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  • Stamping
    A lot of documents need stamping, and sending them to the Office of State Revenue means weeks of delay.

    As approved in-house stampers, we can stamp the vast majority of documents in-house, and have them back to you the very same day.

    For documents that must be lodged at OSR, we'll track the progress and get them back to you as fast as is possible.

    We can calculate duty for you and advise on procedural issues.

    As Queensland's first in-house stampers, we've got it covered.

    Access the Office of State Revenue on-line duty calculator here.

    Find Office of State Revenue forms here.

    Cheques in payment of duty should be made payable to Office of State Revenue. Cheques must be Bank Cheques or approved solicitor's trust account cheques.

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  • Titles Office
    Titles Office
    Access, fill out and print Titles Office forms here (PDF & Word formats).

    View the latest Titles Registry Alerts (formerly LIT Alerts) here. These are the DNRME's electronic newsletters alerting customers to recent policy, fee and legislation changes and other important business matters.

    View the Land Titles Practice Manual here.

    Access an on-line fee calculator here.

    Check on the status of a document lodged for registration here.

    Cheques in payment of lodging fees should be made payable to "Department of Natural Resources & Mines" or "DNRM".

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  • Trust Account
    For settlement funds:

    National Australia Bank
    330 Collins Street Melbourne Branch
    Peter Atkinson & Company Trust A/c
    BSB: 083-088
    A/c: 740522154

    (Fees apply for use of our Trust Account)

    Click here to download an easy reference flyer.
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