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  • Titles Office public counter closed. E-lodging and drop-box available (Brisbane city only). Expect delays and minor disruptions.
  • Banking services experiencing major disruptions. Special clearances suspended. Expect significant disruptions, branch closures, customer limits.
  • Settlements experiencing disruptions. Expect disruptions, delays and settlement location availability problems.
  • Court filing experiencing disruptions. Special arrangements in place dependant on court.

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Anzac Square Brisbane Titles Office, August 1959.

Titles Office Services

We have adapted our procedures following the public lodging counter closure to lodge approved form types via e-lodging. You will not notice any major changes from our perspective - your invoices will still confirm lodging and show the dealing numbers allocated, and Registration Confirmation Statements will follow by email as per usual when they are received.

Non-approved forms (Form 6 Transmissions, Form 16 PoA, Survey Plans are the main examples) and requisitions already issued will be drop-boxed at DNRME daily in terms of their instructions. We’ll issue an invoice for the service, and then we’ll issue an update showing dealing numbers when we have received them back from the titles office.

You can see a list at this link of docs that we can e-lodge.

We are only able to lodge under our own lodger code, so for our clients that use their own lodger code, any lodgings sent to us will be lodged under our code. If you wish to use your own lodger code, you will not be able to send them to us.

If you have previously lodged any dealings under your own code that need finalising (eg requisitions), you can send them to us (normal fees apply for delivery to DNRME) and they should include a DropBox form and make sure you have complied with their requirements and sealed them in an envelope with your lodger name and code on the envelope. Otherwise, you can post them direct to the titles office. Link to DropBox form: Drop Box Lodgement Agreement.pdf.

An important issue that this closure presents is that of priority of dealings.

It’s now more important than ever for practitioners to ensure a Priority Notice (PNN) is recorded on title before you complete your transaction and send docs in for lodging. Cases could occur where a settlement has occurred, and docs are sent in for lodging or posted to DNRME direct, and in the mean time, an earlier doc posted before settlement has been in transit in the post and is then recorded on title after settlement but before your docs have been registered, preventing your docs form registering. Delays in the mail are expected and could result in uncertainty of title. A Priority Notice properly recorded and showing on your final search should alleviate the issues (excepting caveats and the like as per usual).

As approved e-lodgers, you can email us a clear scan of your Priority Notice and that is acceptable for lodging. This is the only document that can be lodged on a PDF - all others must be original wet-ink as per usual. We are also DNRME approved to sign PNN’s (only) as agent on your behalf.

Docs, including emailed PNN received by 9.00am will be lodged that morning. Docs received later will be lodged the next day in most cases. Priority services (fees apply) may be available for urgent lodgings received late subject to staffing availability.

Searches over the counter will also be effected. Our online access to titles office searches remains unchanged, but complex searches will take longer as we will have to order them over the phone. Where possible, we will now obtain your search direct via our online portal, rather than over the counter from DNRME direct.