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  • Titles Office public counter closed. E-lodging and drop-box available (Brisbane city only). Expect delays and minor disruptions.
  • Banking services experiencing major disruptions. Special clearances suspended. Expect significant disruptions, branch closures, customer limits.
  • Settlements experiencing disruptions. Expect disruptions, delays and settlement location availability problems.
  • Court filing experiencing disruptions. Special arrangements in place dependant on court.

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Settlements are encountering disruptions and lengthy delays.
As you can imagine, tension is high and settlement agencies and practitioners and clerks are adapting to physical distancing and room person limits, which are causing delays. Thank you for your patience during this time for these events beyond our control. You are probably already well-aware and are already dealing with the banks and their agents limiting bookings which is causing logistical issues down the chain.

Collection of cheques before settlement and banking of cheques after settlement is an area that is experiencing disruption.

We’re doing our best to collect cheques in time for settlement as per usual, but we ask you to bear in mind that the bank branches are experiencing delays and cheques are not always ready. In general, we need to collect all cheques by 1.00pm at the latest so that we can match them with the settlement instructions and leave on our afternoon rounds at 1.45pm. If cheques are not ready by 1.00pm, we cannot guarantee that we can get back later, as settlements are experiencing delays and our clerks are not getting to leave settlement locations until after 4.00pm in a lot of cases, and that time is currently also blowing out.

The usual requirements for use of our trust account continues to apply - funds must be received in clear funds and your cheque drawing instructions received by midday at the latest. Our Bank is still doing fine as long as we have ordered cheques by midday. Cheques ordered after midday cannot be guaranteed to be available for settlement that afternoon.

Again, we appreciate your understanding of these logistical constraints.