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  • Titles Office public counter closed. E-lodging and drop-box available (Brisbane city only). Expect delays and minor disruptions.
  • Banking services experiencing major disruptions. Special clearances suspended. Expect significant disruptions, branch closures, customer limits.
  • Settlements experiencing disruptions. Expect disruptions, delays and settlement location availability problems.
  • Court filing experiencing disruptions. Special arrangements in place dependant on court.

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Bank attendances are experiencing major disruptions.
Special Answers on cheques suspended for 3 months.
Read here about service impacts to collecting cheques and banking after settlement.
Due to settlement delays, bank branch closures, physical distancing at branches and how long our clerks are being kept at settlement locations, we are unable to guarantee that we can bank funds on the day of settlement, as the banks may be closed by the time we are getting out of settlement in a lot of cases (eg SAI, FMS, Infotrack locations).

Cheques collected at settlement may now not be able to be banked until the next morning. Please bear this in mind so your client is not unexpectedly disappointed. If your clients mortgagee has the capability, you could direct surplus funds to them for crediting to the clients account, rather than drawing a seperate cheque.

As a general rule, expect bankings to follow the next morning.

Also, please note that special clearances on cheque deposits (special answers) have been suspended by the clearing houses until the end of June at this stage. No special clearances are possible at any bank until further notice.

Your help In minimising non-essential banking requests (eg real estate agents cheques) would also be helpful and appreciated at this time.

If you have an ongoing matter such as a retirement home purchase, please include these details and we’ll do our best to get to the bank or deliver the cheques on the same day. Please consider booking these types of settlements as early as possible, and perhaps between 11.00 and midday if at all possible so the chances of it getting completed in time are better.