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On-line Searching

Access the most comprehensive range of information available today from within the one portal.

National property, personal, company and business information is ready and waiting, all at extremely competitive pricing.

With the most helpful help-desk available to assist you from 6.00am to 8.30pm, we have all your on-line information needs covered.

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On-line Information Products and Services Overview

Peter Atkinson & Company provides one of the widest ranges of online services currently available from one portal.

The user experiences:

Greater instant customer service
Wider product range
Increased technologies to increase productivity
User specific retrieval options
Ability to convert to PDF


Our service levels are unparalleled within the Australian On-Line industry, with Customer Service available from 6.00am – 8:30pm EST Monday to Friday and weekend email support also available.

Complete with a wide range of Land and Property, Company and Business, AML and Personal Searches available, Peter Atkinson & Co has the answer to each individual firm's requirements from one easy to use online site.

National Land Title & Property Services

All land title and associated services are ordered online and delivered back electronically.

National Ownership Report

- One search request provides you with information on either an individual or corporations ownership throughout Australia in a simple and easy to read one page report.

Radial Searching

- another unique service to provide users with information in relation to parcels surrounding a particular lot plan - users choose the radius they want searched, all results are returned to screen and also placed in your order manager. Links to the associated titles and plans also ensure users are able to quickly and easily order these searches with out additional input.

National Sales History Reports

- various reports enabling greater understanding into property sales on a specific property, street or post code.

Land Investment Reports

– these comprehensive reports will provide you with relevant property information including: confirmation of ownership, addresses, summary Mortgage and Caveats information and transfer details. The Land Investment & Capital Worth Report will also show Sales Valuation Data.

National Telco Cable Searches

- a national report showing information in relation to the telecommunications networks for a specific property.

Address Finder/Person Finder/Occupancy History Searches

- these specialised services assist in finding owners/occupiers and specific address of property and people

Batch Searching Facilities

- order multiple searches simultaneously via the Batch searching facilities

Doc Manager

- a unique document storage and delivery facility. All searches are stored in your doc manager for retrieval and these can then be easily emailed to either internal or external parties.

Order Manager

- given that many services are not able to be fulfilled within minutes, or due to many of our Property Enquiry facilities allowing for orders to be started and completed at a later point in time, the order manager facility ensures you know the status of orders including Pending Orders, Completed Orders, Awaiting Authority etc. Perfect for those with large portfolios of orders to maintain.


- another unique tool to reduce data entry and increase productivity by providing users with an easy to use interface to order a title plus all associated plans and dealings.


- full range of eastern seaboard property enquiry services are provided via the I Cert facility, enabling all online searches to be ordered along side any off line ones simultaneously.

Specific State Based Services

NSW LPI and Associated Services

  • Titles, Plans, Dealings
  • Owner Name & Street Address Searches
  • Leases
  • Document & Plan Inquiries
  • Valuation Certificates
  • Deeds Registers - Courts Writs & Orders, Bills of Sale, Liens etc
  • CAC Searches
  • ADIS Deeds
  • Radial Searching
  • Cadastral & Parish Maps
  • Aerial Photography
  • SCIMS Locality Searches
  • SCIMS Online Searches
  • Power of Attorney Searches
  • Complete Range of Sydney Water
  • NSW CRR (Central Register of Restrictions)
  • NSW OSR - Land Tax and Valuation
  • NSW OSR EDR - Electronic Stamping
  • I-Cert NSW - a fully integrated service providing access to both online live searching and all NSW property enquiries for both vendor and purchaser needs.

Victorian Landata and Associated Services

  • Package Searching
  • Full Online Certificate Services
  • Titles, Finals, Plans
  • Instruments
  • Survey Notes
  • Body Corporate Searches - Basic & Premium
  • Index Searching - Name, Address, Lot Plan etc
  • Title History Searches
  • Issue Searches
  • Prelodgement Searches
  • Titles Affected
  • Dealing Enquiries
  • Title Diagrams
  • Radial Searching
  • Aerial Photography
  • Title Verification Search
  • Water Register Search
  • Parish Plans & Charts

Queensland DNRME and Associated Services

  • Titles, Plans, Dealings
  • Address Searching
  • Name Searching
  • QVAS Searching
  • Smart Maps - Sales Info, Valuation Info, Standard Cadastral Maps
  • Over 900 Property Enquiry/Certificate searches - fully linked to live searches
  • Radial Searching
  • Power of Attorney
  • Building Unit Plans & Group Title Info
  • Contaminated Land
  • Land Tax
  • Aerial Photography
  • Bills of Sale
  • QVAS – Queensland Valuation and Sales Reports

SA Title and Associated Services

  • Titles, Plans, Dealings
  • Land Tax
  • Valuation Certificates
  • Name & Address Searching
  • Locality Maps
  • DCDB Maps
  • Aerial Photography
  • Title Detail Search
  • Title Detail and Valuation Search
  • Bill of Sale
  • Power of Attorney
  • Historical Details

WA Titles and Associated Services

  • Titles, Plans, Dealings
  • Name & Address Searching
  • Historical List
  • Check Searches
  • Index Searching
  • Doc Searches - Caveats, Mortgages, Charge, Grants, Lease, Strata Plans, Warrants, Transfers etc
  • Power of Attorney
  • Sales History Report

NT Title and Associated Services

  • Name & Address Searching
  • Titles
  • Plans
  • Dealings
  • Historical Details

ACT Title and Associated Services

  • Name & Address Searching
  • Titles
  • Plans - Whole/Part
  • Check Searches
  • Historical Titles Searches
  • Crown Leases
  • Sub Lease Plan
  • Section Block to Address Converters

Tas Title & Associated Services

  • Package Searches
  • Index Searches - Name & Address
  • Titles
  • Plans
  • Easements
  • Unregistered Dealings
  • Power of Attorney
  • Historical Title
  • Survey Notes

New Zealand Title and Associated Services

A full range of NZ titling services are also available.

Company and Business Services

With one of the widest range of company and business searches Peter Atkinson & Co users are always assured the most flexible information available to suit your needs and ensure you have all the information required to make the right decisions.

  • ASIC - Australian Securities & Investment Commission
  • All State Business Names - Live to Screen
  • Low End Credit Reporting Services - Commercial Bureaus
  • Mid Range Credit Reporting Services
  • High End Credit Reporting Services
  • International Services
  • New Zealand Company Searches - including the PPSR
  • ABN Batch Search

ASIC Searching Services

  • All searches stored in Doc Manager for 45 days
  • Bulk ordering facilities
  • Docimages Stored in Doc Manager and Converted to PDF - no loss of data after 10 days
  • Current & Historical Extracts
  • Docimages
  • Charges Extracts
  • Personal/Director Name
  • Banned & Disqualified Director Registers
  • Professional Registers
  • Live weekly summary reports
  • ASIC Certificate of Incorporation

Commercial Trade Reference Check

Reference Checks on clients. Report Contains ABN/ACN Extract, Public Record Summary and the option to add an ASIC extract.

Credit Reporting Services

Peter Atkinson & Co offers one of the widest ranges of credit reporting services available, the range of services provides our users with choice and flexibility with experts to assist you in your choice of the right service to meet your needs.

Commercial Bureau Searches

- provides users with information on publicly available Magistrates Court actions from around Australia as well as Commercial Collection activities.

E Check Reports

- the E Check 3 is a unique report providing an SIC search, Commercial Bureau on the Company and up to 6 directors.

High End Credit Reports

- want more than the above, need to know how a company/business trades, operational activities, risk rating then the Credit and Credit Risk reports are a perfect solution.

Veda Credit Reports

– Individual, Business, Company, Vericheck and Multipower credit reports.

Other Company Searches

New Zealand Company Searches

- provides information about NZ companies including PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register similar to Australian Charges & REVS).

International Searches

- our Agent network provides our customers with searches from anywhere in the world, we are able to provide quotes & turn around times for all requests.

Personal Searches

  • ITSA Bankruptcy Searches - LIVE access to the Insolvency Trustee Service of Australia Public Record Individual - Magistrate Court actions for monies owing on individuals that are available publicly.
  • Person Finder
  • National Land Ownership Reports
  • Bills of Sales - NSW/Qld
  • Director Name Searching
  • Title Ownership Searching - All States

Motor Searches

  • REVS – National
  • Motor Boat - Qld only

International Searching Services

A full range of international searching services are available including:
  • Company Searches
  • Title Searches
  • Credit Reporting Services

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Services

Ensure complete compliance with recent AML/CT legislation with these reports – from basic to comprehensive will provide answers to each firm's individual compliance requirements.

Know Your Customer Reports

  • Basic
  • Character
  • Relationships
  • Additions
  • International
  • Individual Due Diligence

Know Your Employee Reports

  • Membership Checking
  • Directors Name Search
  • Banned/Disqualified Directors Search
  • Employment Confirmation
  • Public Record Individual
  • APRA Disqualification
  • Address Confirmation
  • AFS License Check
  • Degree Checking
  • Visa Checking

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